Basic criteria 2021

**Please read the entry criteria carefully before entering to ensure your product/technology/person complies**

Basic criteria

Submitted entries must satisfy the following qualifying criteria:

  • Submitted product/innovation must be designed, developed or manufactured in Europe and it must be a finished product (it must be commercially released/have commercial plans for the release) 
  • Product must be made from post-consumer/post-commercial/ post-industrial (excluding scrap) recycled plastics -
  • Products must contain at least 50% recycled content
  • Product must be made of conventional plastics (Submitted products/projects must not include biodegradable or oxo-degradable content) 
  • Recycled plastic can be sourced from any sector but must not be post-production scrap. Entries must disclose the sector (household, commercial, agricultural, building and construction, electrical & electronic waste streams etc.) from which the recycled material is sourced and be willing to provide evidence on request 
  • Product must not be older than 2 years, while the submitted technology and machinery innovations must not be older than 4 years 
  • Products must be recyclable (according to the definition provided by PRE and APR) 
  • Submitted entries must promote sustainability, circular economy and they must reflect upon the following aspects: fitness for purpose, market need and market potential


Reoccurring entries will not be considered. Furthermore, an entry cannot be submitted in more than one category – if there is any confusion as to which category your entry qualifies for, please contact the organising team.