Jeremy Blake
Jeremy Blake
Managing Director

JEREMY BLAKE started his career in Shell Research before opportunity led him to Crime Scene Science. He worked in Crime Scene Investigation for Kent Police eventually becoming Head of Crime Scene Investigation. He then joined the Home Office Forensic Science Service leading the effective use of forensic science in policing. Throughout this period, he was a senior lecturer in Forensic Chemistry at the University of Kent and deputy chair of the Forensic Science Society Awards Committee.

His interest in solving problems using science led him to move in the recycling industry where he has used his wealth of experience in technical processes to become a tenacious operational leader. He specialises in polymers but his background in multiple science and engineering fields allows him to quickly grasp new technologies and developments. His work in multiple industries allowed him to acquire skills in a range of roles including finance, operations, commercial, marketing, R&D and product development but throughout has constantly strived for robust structures and sustainable growth.

Having spent a number of years leading the recycling operations of the largest recycler in the UK he moved to become the Chief Operating Officer of Enval. There he led the commercial and operational development of their cutting-edge process that converts waste plastics back to oil. Following that period, he has now joined Berry as Managing Director of their plastic recycling and reprocessing company, Plasgran.

Jeremy also acts in advisory capacity to many groups to drive the development of the Circular Economy. This includes trade bodies, government groups and even on TV when they cannot find anyone more interesting.