Andy Grant
Andy Grant
Technical Director
Eunomia Research & Consulting

Andy Grant has extensive experience of operational waste management gained from managing and consulting on waste collection and recycling processes. His practical experience has led him to become a technical expert and advisor in the fields of waste and recycling collections, materials, processing facilities, service design, and efficiency savings.

Andy has a detailed understanding of the policies and drivers that are associated with moving waste management systems towards a sustainable circular economy and the range of systems and associated costs with these polices and drivers. This has been generated from past work across a range of project both for the European Commission, governmental and private sector clients.

Recent work on plastic packaging recycling has encompassed leading the work on the Plastic Recyclers Europe market “State of play” reports, supporting the study by Pinter, E., Welle, F., Mayrhofer, E., et al. (2021) Circularity Study on PET Bottle-To-Bottle Recycling, and leading a modelling study on European circularity on PET circularity to be published in the next few months. Andy is currently contributing to a number of PETCore technical working groups and providing advice on the development of policy issues.