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Smart Coloring offers a coloring technology for polyolefins that enables the decolorization of these plastics in a modified mechanical recycling process. The decoloring process simultaneously extracts higher-molecular-weight odorous and foreign substances that cannot be removed by normal decontamination processes and yields high-quality recyclates for equivalent reuse.
Coloring can be carried out using standard masterbatches and liquid colors on existing equipment.

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Smart Coloring is a technology provider that licenses its technologies:

The three main causes that hinder the use of recyclates are odor, NIAS and color. Currently, the focus is around deodorization, although solving the "color" problem appears to offer the greatest potential.

In rigid packaging, more than 70% of plastic waste is colored, but the selling price of the mostly gray recyclates made from it is just one third one can achieve with white recyclates.

This potential can be leveraged by combining a suitable dyeing process with an innovative decolorizing process. Moreover, decolorization by solid-liquid extraction simultaneously eliminates unpleasant odors and removes NIAS from the plastic, so that all 3 major challenges for the use of recyclates are addressed at the same time.

Coloring is done using masterbatches with the usual plastics processing machines over the same infrastructure as before. The masterbatches contain colorants that can be extracted from the plastic again in the modified mechanical recycling process. These are, on the one hand, (standard but selected) pigments that can be extracted from the plastic by conversion into soluble components, or dyes, such as those used as standard for coloring PET. In combination with a suitable product design, the safe use of the coloring technology is guaranteed and effective as well as efficient decolorizability is ensured.

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