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Polyloop is a French startup developping a recycling equipment for composite PVC waste with a Smart Factory approach : flooring, respiratory masks, medicine blister packaging, coating fabrics, faux leather covering, etc. Compact, easy to use and ready to operate directly into your industrial site. By redevelopping the approved process Texyloop in small scale, Polyloop not only allows you to recycle your waste but to have access to a high quality recycled material ready to use in your production. Don't buy what you have already bought!

Plastic Recycling Machinery & Equipment supplier
Detailed information

Created in 2019, Polyloop is a French startup specialized in the complex plastic materials : flexible composite based PVC. In contrast to centralised recycling centres, the startup developps a recycling solution integrated into a turnkey container that can be operated directly into the site of the industrial processors of the plastics industry.

Beyond the current regulations, economic actors are anticipating future constraints and are already in the era of "integration of recycled materials", recyclability is an "old" issue. The Polyloop allows to operate in a circular economy loop on its own waste streams.

The Polyloop recycling solution integrates the physical-chemical process by selective dissolution and precipitation Texyloop (STRAP technology) on a container scale. This process separates and regenerates the materials and guarantees a high quality recycled material that can be reused directly as a recycled raw material in the production of the hosting industrialist.

The technology is initially aimed at converters and manufacturers wishing to integrate recycled material (R-PVC) into their products (automotive, outdoor, construction, medical, leather goods, etc.).
The technology is still under development and will be available from 2022.

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