About us is a specialized engineering and machine making company for cleaning, washing, separation and drying of all types of waste plastics. Recycling plants for materials like HDPE and PET bottles, LDPE and stretch film require tailor-made solutions.

As the inventors of the dry and water free cleaning of contaminated plastics we set up milestones regarding efficiency and profitability. More than 40 systems are worldwide in operation. offers proven technologies and individual concepts. We supply both, components and turn-key plants. We would be pleased to assist you in the project financial analysis and submit an attractive offer for your consideration which will meet your needs.

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Detailed information is a machine and plant engineering company with international clientele. The export rate is approx. 40% in 2020. We develop and sell solutions for the recycling of plastic waste. Recycling means here: cleaning, washing, drying and separating. Basically, we construct dry cleaners, wet scrubbers, zig zag air separation, separation plants for the extraction of unmixed plastics by using hydrocyclone technology, as well as mechanical and thermal dryers.
In other words: We do not do any recycling ourselves, but supply the necessary machinery.
The washing of plastics is always only a partial solution to recycling. At the end of the washing process, the plastic has been removed from surface dirt and paper, but the washing water is contaminated. It is not possible to discharge this water without first cleaning it. Thus, washing plastics is always a problem transfer from the plastic to the wash water.
The treatment of dirty water requires a great deal of effort. The necessary biological wastewater treatment is economically feasible only in large wastewater treatment plants. At recycling companies, only physical or chemical treatment takes place. Already this shortened water treatment requires many devices, is personnel-intensive, consumes chemicals and is thus expensive.
Here offers innovative solutions which avoid or reduce water consumption.'s machines work without water or with only low water consumption. For lightly soiled plastics, we offer wastewater-free solutions that find their market especially in countries with low water resources.
Dry cleaning works without water and removes sand and other mineral contaminants that clog the melt filters of extrusion lines. Dry cleaning is also used as a pre-cleaning stage to minimize the water consumption of washing plants. manufactures wear-resistant wet scrubbers and mechanical dryers for large throughputs, which have proved particularly useful in technologically demanding film recycling.
The hydrocyclones allow to separate mixed plastics by grade. The process works with high separation efficiency and 22 times acceleration due to gravity. The cyclone is far superior to the state of the art floating-sink separators, which operate with simple acceleration due to gravity.
The zigzag air seperaror separate the thin labels from the thick-walled bottle bodies when recycling PET bottles, for example. The process is inexpensive and causes very little wear.
The thermal dryers complete the product range of GmbH. A software program has been developed to design the apparatus in order to optimize energy consumption and thus keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.

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