KAMADUR industrial knives B.V.
About us

KAMADUR industrial knives B.V. supplies knives to the plastic recycling, compounding and converting industry. Our subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain and Turkey offer local presence with the advantages of production partners worldwide. We have over 40 years of experience in the production of knives and parts and offering services.

KAMADUR industrial knives B.V. supplies high quality products alongside competitive prices to OEMs, re-sellers and users in Europe, Middle East, the Americas and Africa. We strive to take care of all requirements for knives, wear parts and services with the highest efficiency. Reduce your costs, effort, time spent and enviromental footprint for purchasing industrial knives by choosing KAMADUR industrial knives B.V. as your preferred supplier. From our headquarters in The Netherlands and local offices we offer a personal touch with a global scope.

Granulators /Pelletizers/Compounding/Knives Tools - shredders and size reduction
Detailed information

KAMADUR industrial knives B.V. offers blades, parts and services for:

*Shredder blocks, statorknives and holders for all major brand single shaft shredders.
Available from stock in the Netherlands for Lindner®, Untha®, Vecoplan®, Weima®, Zerma®, Bano®, NGR® and Zeno® equipment.
Materials used 1.2379 (D2), Tungsten Carbide (TC) inlay, solid Tungsten Carbide (TC) and case hardened.

*Shredder knives for multiple shaft shredders for all major brand grinders.
Blades provided for Untha®, Gross®, Moco® and Weima® equipment.
Materials used case hardened, 1.2379 (D2). Hardfacing and re-sharpening service provided as well.

*Grinder knives for all major brand grinders
Rotor-, stator- and deflector blades available from stock in the Netherlands for Alpine®, Condux®, Cumberland®, Dreher®, Folcieri®, Getecha®, Herbold®, Pallmann®, Previero®, Rapid®, STF®, TRIA® and Zerma® equipment.
Materials used 1.2379 (D2), HSS inlay, Tungsten Carbide (TC) inlay.

*Scraper knives for all major brand grinders
Available from stock in the Netherlands for Erema®, Ettlinger®, Fimic® and MAS® equipment.

*Pelletizer knives for all types of pelletizing including
-Hot die face cutting
Supplied in steel grades such as 1.2379 (D2), HSS (M2, T42) and Powdersteel (PM)
Available from stock for:
and many others

*Die plates for pelletizers
Replacing a worn or damaged die face plate is a costly purchase.
Kamadur Industrial Knives offers quality equal to original parts against competitive prices.
Cleaning and grinding service provided in our European Service Center.
We can manufacture die face plates with:
-coated surface
-solid steel
-TC inserts

*Erema®, NGR®, Starlinger®, Artec®, GammaTechnica® knives and parts
Erema®, NGR®, Starlinger®, Artec®, GammaTechnica® knives and parts.
Complete range of knives and parts available including:
-compacter rotor knives.
-compacter stator knives.
-compacter knife holders.
-shredder blocks and stator knives.
-filter scraper knives.
-pelletizer knives.

*Screens for shredders, grinders, centrifuges
Materials supplied include:
-mild steel
-Longlife (hardened screens for best lifetime when processing abrasive input)
Custom build screens with square, rectangular or mixed holes shapes available.

*Pulverizer disks and segments
Pulverizer disks and segments
Kamadur provides complete range of disks and segments for pulverizers
Common brands and sizes including for Herbold®, Zerma®, Pallmann®, Reduction Engineering® and Dreher®.
Sharpening services available.
Kamadur can applly coating to your disks/segments to increase lifetime.
Coatings available include:

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