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Ecoplasteam is an Italian company that has developed an innovative process for the recycling of particular waste, polylaminates. Among these, the most common are beverage cartons (such as milk cartons) composed of 20% polyethylene, 5% aluminum and the remaining 75% cellulose. This packaging, used and thrown away, is taken to the paper mills which extract the cellulose part. What remains (polyethylene and aluminum) is sent to Ecoplasteam, where, through a patented process, we give new life to this waste, producing 100% recycled plastic, EcoAlleneĀ®.

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Detailed information

Ecoplasteam was created for the recycling of aluminum and plastic parts of beverage cartons (milk cartons).
The spread of this type of packaging is enormous. In Italy, about four billion cartons are placed on the food market every year, for drinks alone!

Ecoplasteam estimates that it can process 350,000 tons of plastic plus aluminum waste per year in Europe.
Today there are no other technologies in the world that have identified an eco-compatible solution for this poly-coupled waste.
The only alternatives are currently landfill or incineration.

Furthermore, the patented process can also be used for other poly-laminate scraps other than beverage cartons: these are wrappers for coffee, sweets, biscuits, oily products, etc. always formed by plastic coupled to an aluminum film (without the cellulose part in this case).

Our material is used with all the main technologies:
Injection Molding;
Blow molding;

and in various sectors:
Fashion accesories;

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