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The Baerlocher Group of Companies is a leading supplier for additives to the global plastics industry and a metal soap specialist for many non-polymer applications. Baerlocher additives improve the processability and define the properties of the finished product.

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The Baerlocher Group of Companies is one of the leading suppliers of additives for the plastics industry. The family-owned group employs more than 1,150 employees in its production sites and joint ventures which are strategically located around the globe in all key markets for plastics processing.

Baerlocher is your global partner for all PVC processing with consistent leading edge technology for sustainable solid Calcium-zinc and Calcium-organic stabilizer systems serviced locally from world-class production sites in many user-friendly forms.

Metal stearates, integral as the raw materials for Calcium-based stabilizers and fundamental acid scavengers for the production of polyolefins serve as the backbone of our Special Additive portfolio. Combining Baerlocher’s proprietary resin stabilizer technology with lubricants and additional functional additives, Baerlocher supplies sustainable solutions for plastics and rubber as well as innovative solutions for the construction and lubricant industries.

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