Networking at PRSE Virtual

To help you meet the most interesting people at PRSE Virtual we are using a tool called Conversation Starter.

Once you have registered to attend PRSE Virtual, you will receive an additional email from Conversation Starter inviting you to join. You should expect to receive this closer to the event.

How it works:

• Before the event, both exhibitors and visitors share with each other who they would like to meet and the expertise they can offer.

• With a single click, visitors invite exhibitors to meet on a video call during PRSE Virtual

• At the start of PRSE Virtual, attendees receive their personal schedule of meetings

Attendees share all kinds of requests and offers with each other. No more awkward "what do you do?" conversations: the short requests and offers that attendees share with each other are the perfect icebreakers. Attendees also provide a short bio as context for their requests and offers.


"Looking to identify new technology, innovation and sustainability with plastics (PET, HDPE, PP). Who can help us?"

"I am in the market for a new granulator and would like to learn about the latest products and technology".

"Ask me about our range of extruders for recycling and compounding".

"Happy to share my knowledge and experience on plastics recycling and introduce you to our exciting new range of recycled materials".

Attendees will be able to browse requests and offers and plan meetings.