Philippe-Daniel Merillet
CEO & Co-founder
The One Project

Philippe-Daniel Merillet is a printing evangelist and entrepreneur who's passion is combining innovative technology & sustainability. He started 5 years ago by launching the first 100% recycled post-consumer PET filament for 3D printers. He then set up The One Project together with partner Harold van der Straten with the objective of collecting and processing PET material locally; optimization and minimization of the (local) impact on the environment or “waste to object”.

The growing demand for high-quality recycling of PET waste for large-scale high-quality objects has subsequently led to the development and construction of the first large-scale transportable 3D printer. The development and manufacture of the printers is housed in a separate company; Colossus. The large scale Colossus Printer has a print surface of more than 5m². Special attention was placed to build print systems that can process recycled plastic waste (pellets) into high-quality objects such as furniture.