Andreas Bastian
Managing Director

Andreas began working in circular economy in 2008 at RIGK GmbH, which is developing and managing recovery systems for industrial plastics packaging, and stayed in the industry since. After his Bachelor degree from the University of Cologne, he started working as business development manager at RIGK with focus on processes, waste stream management, and market development.

From 2015 to 2018, in response to the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy, and during his Master studies at RWTH Aachen University with focus on technology and innovation, he build a holistic concept to improve cooperation across the value chain, to assess and optimize recyclability, and to finally boost recycled content in products and packaging.

In 2018, he founded plastship GmbH with RIGK as shareholder. plastship is providing a digital platform to ease the procurement with recycled plastics, and to establish connections between plastics recyclers and plastics converters with the aim to foster European circular economy. Through its network, plastship aims to develop demand and use of recycled plastics, to put in place quality and information standards, and to digitalize transactions. Its services are completed by assessing and optimizing recyclability of products and packaging, as well as building individual recovery schemes for its customers together with RIGK.