Mauser Packaging Solutions
Stand #: A30
Company description

Founded on the belief that packaging should be used more than once, Mauser Packaging Solutions offers collection and reconditioning services, as well as a wide array of packaging options, including the use of recycled material.

Detailed Company information

Mauser Packaging Solutions, formed by BWAY, Mauser Group, NCG and ICS, brings unparalleled packaging performance and innovation to redefine sustainability for customers. From new packaging made from recycled content, to reconditioning, reuse, recycling and professional disposal, we provide customized solutions that have a positive impact on businesses and the planet, bringing true sustainability at scale to companies all over the world.

Together we have over 300 years of combined experience, over 1,000 global patents, more than 180 sites around the world, and over 11,000 employees committed to helping companies like yours operate more sustainably and effectively.

Contact:   Mr Patrick Bielen