Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH
Stand #: E28
Company description

Gneuss has been at the forefront of polymer recycling technology for over 35 years now and offers a range of innovative solutions for the processing and recycling of polymers.

Detailed Company information

Gneuss´ systems are optimised for the challenges of PET recycling. They are perfectly harmonised with one another and their modular design can be configured flexibly. The Gneuss-Processing-Unit (GPU), consisting of the unique Gneuss MRS Extruder, Rotary Filtration Systems and Online Viscometer represent the heart of the Gneuss recycling systems. With the MRS Multi Rotation System, Gneuss provides a processing system, which can handle a wide range of input materials with different qualities and properties. It can process 100 % recycled material without pre-drying or crystallizing. Polymer purification takes place not only in the MRS extruder but also in the Gneuss Rotary Filtration Systems, which ensure a purified polymer melt, without foreign particles or specks. The Gneuss recycling systems ensures safe for use in food contact qualities and has LNOs of EFSA, FDA, Anvisa and several further regional agencies and international brand owners.
In addition to unique technologies, systems and components for plastics processing, Gneuss also offers complete turnkey solutions for the production of high quality sheet, fibers and pellets.

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Contact:   Ms Andrea Kossmann