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Company description

Established in 1990, EUROCHILLER designs, manufactures and assists industrial cooling systems with capacity included between 3 and 1100 kW as well as water and oil temperature control units with heating capacity ranging between 3 and 144 kW.

Detailed Company information

Design and manufacture are 100% completed in Italy by our Castello d’Agogna’s premises, employing about 80 workers and before shipment each single unit is thoroughly and carefully checked and tested, to respond the most severe quality controls we apply to our production.
Our leading position in several areas of the market has been achieved through a series of successful industrial patents. "Be ready to accept new challenges" is our motto.
All this is possible thanks to our focus on quality. Each single unit is designed and manufactured in Italy and must pass through stringent quality tests before shipping.
We also maintain a tight control on the quality of parts supplied, drawing upon a network of exclusive partnerships with important Italian and European OEMs.

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Contact:   Mrs Sabrina Gangini