Kim Ragaert
Associate Professor
Ghent University

A materials scientist and polymer processing engineer by background, prof. dr. Kim Ragaert is an associate professor at Ghent University. Her research domain is ‘Sustainable Use and Recycling of Polymers and Composites’ at the Department of Materials Textiles and Chemical Engineering ( Her dynamic research team is made up of a dozen researchers from the disciplines of mechanical engineering, chemistry and materials science. They work to develop the necessary scientific tools to enable the improved mechanical recycling of polymer-based materials. Specific research topics include the quality modeling of (contaminated) recycled polymers, upcycling of mixed solid plastic waste, polymer degradation and multiple recycling, Design for and from Recycling, WEEE plastics and recycling of multilayer packaging materials. She leads and participates in several (inter)national recycling projects, alongside a variety of industrial partners, policy makers and other academia. Prof. Ragaert is the chair of the Plastics to Resource pipeline within CAPTURE (, Ghent University’s overarching Resource Recovery platform, wherein she creates synergies with colleagues active in thermochemical recycling, polymer design for recyclability, food packaging, sorting/decontamination and LCA.