Casper van den Dungen
Vice President and PET WG Chairman
Plastics Recyclers Europe

Casper is more than 25years active in PET recycling. He started as mechanical engineer with a specialization in Plastic processing. Takes the responsibility of Poly Recycling since 2000. Worked in multiple concepts to make a food grade RPET. Experienced in all RPET applications. Jointly founded the European Plastics Recyclers Association, EuPR, in 1997, which now is called Plastics Recyclers Europe(PRE). Being vice President of PRE(EuPR) and chairman of Working Group PET since. Jointly founded in 2008 the EPBP and became member of the steering board and the Technical committee. Since 2013 represented in PETCORE Europe in Technical committee and BoD. PET recycling is since more than 25 year his work and his hobby.