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Cross Wrap Ltd is the world leader in manufacturing automatic bale wrapping, bale opening and bale dewiring machines for the waste and recycling industry such as plastic and paper recycling. Che company´s latest innovation is a special CW Dewiring machine which is an automatic, safe and reliable way to handle wired bales. It efficiently cuts, removes and spools the wires from all material bales, such as different types of plastics. Cross Wrap also specializes in manufacturing Board Packaging Lines for board manufacturers. Cross Wrap has over 500 machines delivered to customers in over 55 countries worldwide.

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Over 500 machines. 55 countries. More than 50 million Cross Wrapped bales and packages. And that’s only the beginning.

All innovations start with a problem. Consider the waste management and plastic recycling industries. As it shifts to incorporate more waste-to-energy and recycling processing, the result is a massive reusable materials surplus. Materials that need to be safely packaged before they are stored, transported, and ultimately reused. Many industries are facing similar transformations that create new challenges and require new thinking. That’s where Cross Wrap comes in.

Cross Wrap is a family owned and operated business dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and installing stretch-film bale wrapping, bale opening, bale dewiring, and product packaging machines wherever they are needed. Machines that have been providing dependable service for companies all over the world since the company’s origin in 1993. The groundbreaking Cross Wrap method ensures that materials and products arrive at their destinations without being harmed by excessive handling, transportation, and weather conditions.

But Cross Wrap is more than just machines. Founded with a truly innovative spirit, Cross Wrap’s ultimate mission is to provide companies with the world’s smartest material and product handling solutions. And while Cross Wrap’s next-generation ideas and eco- and cost-conscious logistics solutions continue to be embraced by the planet’s most forward-thinking companies, they are perfect for any organization that is simply looking to improve their handling processes.

Cross Wrap has built, delivered, and installed 500 Cross Wrap machines, serving clients in 55 countries, and producing more than 50 million Cross Wrapped bales and finished-product packages. And for Cross Wrap, that’s only the beginning. We actively seek new and bigger challenges, new opportunities to create all-in-one solutions that transform existing industry processes and help companies improve their productivity as well as maximize their overall profitability.

Cross Wrap

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